New Services at Aaduri

Posted on November 17th, 2015 by Shari´ Parks

Great news. At Aaduri Healing Arts we are now providing a deep discount to our special population clients. For those that educate our future, protect our community and country we offer the special55. Year round. Not just around Veteran’s Day, or Teacher’s Appreciation Month, but year round. Thank you for your service. When scheduling your next session be sure to enter the code in the notes of your appointment to receive the special rate. Go to

~ 60min for Educators is now $55 use code Edu55
~ 60min for Veterans is now $55 use code Vet55
~ 60min for Active Military is now $55 use code Mil55
~ 60min for Police Officers is now $55 use code Pol55
~ 60min for Firefighters is now $55 use code Fire55

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