TMJ and massage therapy

Posted on October 10th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

Do you grind your teeth? Perhaps in your sleep at night? Waking up to tight jaw muscles? You could have temporomandibular joint dysfunction. More commonly known as TMJ. It’s reported 65% to 85% of Americans experience TMJ symptoms in their lifetime. In my opinion, that’s a high percentage.


* Whiplash
* Anxiety
* Trigger Points
* Postural dysfunction i.e. bad posture


* Clicking noises when the jaw moves
* Pain and muscle spasms in the head, jaw, neck and shoulder muscles
* Earaches
* Limited movement to the jaw

How Massage Therapy can help:

Massage Therapy Foundation,, has collected data that demonstrates how massage therapy has tremendously improved the condition of many with TMJ. Manual manipulation of the muscles in the face, jaw and neck a can reduce the pain. Techniques such as craniosacral and myofascial release are two modalities that are known to assist those with TMJ. Self care is also a crucial part of treatment.

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