Body Series: Posterior View

Posted on June 6th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

The skeletal muscles is the most prominent type of muscle in the body and may account for up to 60 percent of he body mass. The skeletal muscles are attached to the bones at both ends by tendons. Visible beneath the skin’s surface the muscular system along with the skeletal system is responsible for a person’s physique.

Here’s a recap of essential posterior muscles:

1 Occipitalis
2. Trapezius
3. Deltoid
4. Latissimus dorsi
5. External abdominal oblique
6. Flexor carpi ulnaris
7. Gluteus maximus
8. Vastus lateralis
9. Gastrocnemius
11.Adductor magnus
13.Achilles tendon
14.Fibularis longus
17.Long head of bicep femoris
18.Extensor pollicis brevis
19.Aductor pollicis longus
20.Extensor digitorum
22.Triceps brachii
23.Teres major
24.Teres minor

I hope you’ve enjoyed the body muscle series. I really had a great time putting it together. This will be the last blog for this topic. Tune in next week something new.

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