Body series 4: Intermediate Muscles of Back

Posted on May 16th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

Week 4 of the body series will cover the intermediate muscles of the back. If you’ve been on my massage table you’ve heard me talk about some of these muscles groups. Based on this diagram the area that most clients need attention are the number1, semispinalis capitis, which attaches to the back of the skull.

These muscles of the back move the ribs and help with respiration, ie breathing. The erector spinae, number5, is a large group of spinal extensor muscles that lie in layers of the back. The upper region muscles help with head movement. The middle middle back muscles help with elevating and pull down the ribs. The muscles between the ribs, intercostal muscles, number2, help with breathing. The internal abdominal oblique muscles, number4, are involved with movement such as bending, flexing, and rotating and rib movement.

1. Semispinalis Capitis
2. External intercostal muscles
3. Serratus posterior inferior
4. Internal abdominal oblique
5. Erector spinae
6. Serratus posterior superior

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