Abdomen muscles: Muscle series 2

Posted on April 18th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

Muscles in the body series 2 covers the deep muscles of the abdomen. This image is a front view of the body. The deep muscles of the abs help in the breathing process and also provides support to the internal organs.

1. Pectoralis minor
2. Internal intercostals
3. Latissimus dorsi
4. Internal abdominal oblique
5. Transversus abdominis
6. Rectus abdominis

The action of the pectoralis moves the shoulder and humerus, arm. The internal intercostals depress the ribs. Latissimus dorsi adducts, extends and rotates the arm. The internal abdominal oblique and transvers abdominus compress the abdomen and help move the vertebral column. Rectus abdominus also compresses the abdomen and helps move the vertebral column. Whew, and we thought all the abs did was give us a reason to expose the 6 pack.

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