Jaw Muscles: Muscles in The Body Series 1

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

We all have them, but they are often neglected. The muscles in the jaw. The last few weeks I have had clients with extremely tight jaw muscles. After relief of massaging these muscles they share how much more loose the area feels, requests for continued work in that area and even confessions. Confessions of teeth grinding at night or jaw clenching.

Welcome to the new Muscles of the Body series. Each week I will cover muscles that are mostly forgotten about until remembered. This week I’m covering the superficial muscles of the jaw and their purpose. With these images are also important skeletal structures that the muscles attach themselves.

1. Temporalis
2. Temporomandibular joint
3. Styloid process
4. Masseter
5. Mandible
6. Maxilla
7. Zygomatic arch

The temporalis and masseter muscles in combination are the muscles of mastication. Better known as chewing. They allow the jaw to move up, down, to the side, forward and backward.

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