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Rotator Cuff: Muscles in The Body series 3

Posted on April 25th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

The rotator cuff muscles are a dynamic stabilizer of the shoulder joint. All of the rotator cuff muscles arise from the scapula. They does soo much for us, like:

*Rotates the front of the arm inward and outward
*Assists the deltoid in raising the arm

Let’s delve deep into what all those muscles are called:
1. Infraspinatus
2. Teres Minor
3. Supraspinatus

The image is from the back of the body.

Abdomen muscles: Muscle series 2

Posted on April 18th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

Muscles in the body series 2 covers the deep muscles of the abdomen. This image is a front view of the body. The deep muscles of the abs help in the breathing process and also provides support to the internal organs.

1. Pectoralis minor
2. Internal intercostals
3. Latissimus dorsi
4. Internal abdominal oblique
5. Transversus abdominis
6. Rectus abdominis

The action of the pectoralis moves the shoulder and humerus, arm. The internal intercostals depress the ribs. Latissimus dorsi adducts, extends and rotates the arm. The internal abdominal oblique and transvers abdominus compress the abdomen and help move the vertebral column. Rectus abdominus also compresses the abdomen and helps move the vertebral column. Whew, and we thought all the abs did was give us a reason to expose the 6 pack.

Jaw Muscles: Muscles in The Body Series 1

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

We all have them, but they are often neglected. The muscles in the jaw. The last few weeks I have had clients with extremely tight jaw muscles. After relief of massaging these muscles they share how much more loose the area feels, requests for continued work in that area and even confessions. Confessions of teeth grinding at night or jaw clenching.

Welcome to the new Muscles of the Body series. Each week I will cover muscles that are mostly forgotten about until remembered. This week I’m covering the superficial muscles of the jaw and their purpose. With these images are also important skeletal structures that the muscles attach themselves.

1. Temporalis
2. Temporomandibular joint
3. Styloid process
4. Masseter
5. Mandible
6. Maxilla
7. Zygomatic arch

The temporalis and masseter muscles in combination are the muscles of mastication. Better known as chewing. They allow the jaw to move up, down, to the side, forward and backward.

Share Your Love of Bodywork

Posted on April 4th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

When we experience something good, it’s natural to want to tell everyone about it. Massage is no exception. Here are some ways to share your love for massage therapy.

Gifting Massage
Gift certificates are a great way to share massage. It can be purchased as a birthday gift or as a special thank you. Most professional massage therapist’s sell gift certificates on their websites. For Finger Touch Massage gift certificates you can go to

Outline the Benefits
Most people are aware that massage is effective at relieving stress and promoting relaxation, but there are multiple benefits you can highlight depending on your audience. For those suffering from chronic pain you can mention a study by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle that shows that massage is more effective than medication at reducing pain.

Take Baby Steps
If the person you are trying to introduce is intrigued by massage, but reluctant to dive in headfirst there are several ways to encourage them. Consider inviting your recruit to meet your massage therapist before your next session. Most therapists will be delighted to talk to them and answer any questions to help them feel more comfortable.

Be a Billboard
Friends and family are more likely to follow your lead if you show them that you enjoy, and benefit from, receiving massage. Whether it’s a sunnier disposition, increased range of motion or improvement in posture, what you’ve gotten out of massage will be the best advertisement.

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