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Massage Multiplied

Posted on March 28th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

The benefits of massage improve with frequency. I had this conversation with a weekly client the other day. The range of motion to an injured shoulder has significantly been restored. This is after 4 months of weekly 60min sessions. Massage is an awesome ally for overall better health and wellness. Here are just a few reasons why regular massage is so powerful.

Stress Killer: Experts say most dis-ease is stress related. Nothing ages us more from the inside or out like stress. Modern day stress levels continues to claim more lives. Massage is a great way to take charge of these statistics and reverse the situation.

Preventive Measures: In many ways massage is preventative healthcare. Since bodywork affects every system in the body, there are possibilities in ways massage can positively impact these systems when frequency occurs.

Body Awareness: Regular massage therapy enhances how and what you feel about your body. Anything from your posture to noticing a certain discomfort and pin pointing the origin of that pain. Also, flexibility increases with regular bodywork because regular and structured touch stimulates the nervous system among other body systems.

You might be a massage client that only schedules an appointment for a special occasion or when given to you as a gift. Or perhaps you do receive semi regular massage, every now and then. Or you could be a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. While getting any kind of bodywork is great; these three reasons may change how you see the importance of massage multiplied. It’s also important to talk to your therapist when increasing your massage frequency so a specific treatment plan can be implemented in your sessions.

Animal Massage

Posted on March 21st, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

While petting provides loving attention, massage goes a step further. My 18yo cat Zoe loves massages. As with many alternative treatments, animal massage has its roots in ancient practice. The benefits of massage for animals parallel those of humans.

One of the most valuable assets of animal massage is health maintenance. Regular massage aids in early detection of abnormalities, such as swelling, injury, or painful areas, and facilitates early medical diagnosis of problems. In some cases, the time element can be lifesaving. The animal’s overall health is boosted by an increase in blood and lymph circulation and enhancement of muscle tone and flexibility.

Many animals with emotional issues (depression, grief, shyness, or distrust) respond well to the relaxation and positive touch of massage. Young animals can be acclimated to touch with massage, making them easier to handle for grooming and medical care.

Athletic Animals Massage has also become very popular for equine athletes. According to Patricia Whalen-Shaw, massage allows horses to perform longer at a higher level of activity. “Psychologically it’s amazing,” Whalen-Shaw, LMT, and owner of Integrated Touch Therapy, says. “If they’re focused and relaxed, they do their best. It’s a part of the whole package of training.”

Whether it be used for injury recovery, sports training, or general relaxation and relationship building, massage and bodywork can be a highly beneficial treatment for your four-legged family members.

* This article was written by: Shirley Vanderbilt, a former staff writer for Massage and Bodywork magazine.*

References Fox, Michael, Dr. Michael Fox’s Massage Program for Cats and Dogs (New York: New Market, 1981): 3-4.

Pregnancy Massage

Posted on March 14th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

Do you know someone pregnant? Or perhaps you’ve given birth in the past. Pregnancy can be difficult, and most moms would like to feel better during this special and magical time. Beginning in the first trimester through the entire pregnancy the expecting mom is experiencing an entire body transformation. Massage therapy can assist her.

Massage has many scientifically proven health benefits such as stimulating the blood and lymph systems, thereby increasing immunity and removal of toxins; stabilizing hormonal levels; and adding tone and flexibility to muscles. All of this enhances the health of both the mom and baby. As pregnancy progresses, the body adjusts to a changing alignment caused by the baby’s increasing weight. This puts strain on the back and legs and increases stress on weight-bearing joints. Massage increases flexibility, enhancing the ability to carry this extra weight while also relieving aches and pains, leg cramps and muscle spasms. The effects of relaxation and tension release add to improvement in the physical state of muscles and joints, and assist in balancing emotions.

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Wait to Jump

Posted on March 7th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

This post celebrates my 100th blog. I sure didn’t expect to keep going after my first blog back on April 9, 2012 but here we are 100 post later.

So, this week I’m going to talk about post massage tips. If you’ve been to my studio you’ve heard me give this suggestion. The end of a massage is one, always comes too soon and two, leaves you in a fog and maybe sleepy. Right after the therapist performs the closing of the session you know it’s coming. The closing of the session can be compressions of the body or a head hold. Whatever it might be you know the session will soon end. After I thank my clients I advise them to take their time getting up off the table. We do this for a number of reasons. One being that raising your head too quickly after a lengthy therapeutic session can cause dizziness. I tell my clients to take their time getting dressed too. Dress leisurely. There is no need to rush to get your clothes back on and hurry out the door. Be aware that because of an elevated metabolism, clients often need to visit the restroom after their massages.

If you haven’t practiced these suggestions before try it out. You will do your body and mind a great service. Wait to jump. There will be many opportunities to do that after you’ve left the wellness center.


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