Practice Yoga at The Office

Posted on January 17th, 2014 by Shari´ Parks

I read an article not long ago that stated employees are sedetary more than ever in the workplace. I hear it often from clients that have to literally force themselves out of the office chair after maybe sitting for 4+ hours at the office. Yikes, is what I say to that.

Spending hours hunched over a computer causes tight and sore muscles. The end result can be headaches and neck pain. There are many quick ways to incorporate yoga into your workday without feeling like you’ll miss a long awaited email or phone call.

Here are a few basic seated postures. You want to start by sitting at the edge of your chair with spine lengthened, chest lifted, shoulders relaxed down and away from your ears, feet flat on the floor and knees planted directly over your ankles.

Fan Pose:
Sitting forward in your chair, gently more arms behind you until you can hold onto the back of your chair. Keep elbows straight. Adjust the height of your hands until you feel a stretch in chest, shoulders and arms. This is great for opening the chest while improving posture.

Shoulders rolls: Lift your shoulders gently and rotate them backwards slowly. Repeat while counting to 10, alternate direction. This loosens joints while stretching still upper shoulders.

Neck Rolls: Drop your head forward and rock your head side to side. Let the weight of your head gently stretch your neck. This slow movement will release any kinks in your neck.

After these few stretches expect to feel mentally recharged too. The practice of yoga does not only deal with developing the body, but it also covers mental and spiritual well being.


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