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Stone Vacation is Over

Posted on October 25th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

The hot stones have returned from vacation and are back to work.

Quarterly, I bury my therapeutic basalt stones in my organic garden. I gather them together, place them in a mesh bag and let them rest. This is usually during a down period of hot stone massage appointments to allow an uninterrupted break. I believe it’s essential to allow the stones to rejuvenate. They do quite a bit of work relieving tension. They too need to ‘get back to the basics’ of neutral energy from the soil.

Before returning to work, they are rinsed and washed with a mild soap. Ready to go to provide hours of heated bliss.

New Referral Program

Posted on October 18th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

You asked for it and now you’ve got it. A referral program that’s easy with great perks.

Beginning now, when you refer a friend to Finger Touch Massage for services you receive a FREE Massage.

To be eligible, the referral must schedule and keep a 60min., or longer, session within 30day of your last session. It’s that easy.

Still not clear? Have questions/concerns or comments, ask. I can be reached via email:

Now start getting the word out about your wonderful experiences here and then sit back and get ready to reap the rewards.

Muscle series 6: IT Band

Posted on October 11th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

This is the last week of the muscle series. It’s been great covering commonly used runner’s muscles. The Baltimore Running Festival is tomorrow and approximately 25,000 runners will run the streets of Baltimore and will command each of the muscles covered in this series to perform.

This week is the IT band. Not necessarily a muscle, but equally important when running. The IT band, iliotibial band, is a thick band of fibers. It runs from the outer most prominent bone at the pelvis down the side of the leg attaching at the shinbone.

In running inflammation of the IT band is common. Pain is most severe with the heel strike of walking or running and may radiate from the knee up the leg to the hip. Pain may also be felt with knee flexing, especially going up or down steps.

An effective stretch to this area:

* Stand near a wall or a piece of sturdy exercise equipment for support.
* Cross your one leg over the other at the ankle.
* Extend your left arm overhead, reaching toward your right side. You’ll feel a stretch along your left hip.
* Hold for about 30 seconds, breathing while stretching
* Switch sides

Muscle series 5: Pectineus

Posted on October 4th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

Muscle series 5 will cover the Pectineus. The pectineus is part of the hip adductor group and is the smallest of the this group of muscles. It connects to the femur bone.

It’s responsible for pulling the thigh in and forward of the midline of the body. Other responsibilities are stabilizing the thigh and helps the body align over the leg when bearing weight.

When prolonged sitting, pulling on the pelvis occurs and results in lower back and sits bones dysfunction. Often runners will experience groin or what feels like hip pain associated with a tight pectineus or other adductor, inner leg, muscles.

Effective Stretches to the Pectineus
Half-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

* Kneel with one knee down and other foot flat.
* Maintain 90degree angle at each knee.
* Tuck tailbone while maintaining straight spine.
* Slowly press hips forward to stretch front of the hip.
* Switch and repeat on other side.


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