Muscle series 3: Pes Anserine Group

Posted on September 20th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

Week 4 of the muscle series covers 11 muscles collectively known as the Pes Anserine Group. These muscles are all superficial i.e. top layer. They stabilize the lower half of the body when changing direction in such activities such as walking and running when the foot is in contact with the ground.

Injuries to these muscles are common when knots and poor circulation converge at the knee limiting functionality.

Stretches to these muscles:
Seated Hurdle Stretch

*Sit with one leg extended out and the other bent meeting the calf forming the letter V.
*The bent leg should be tucked without stressing the knee.
*Sit up tall while bending the waist forward as you exhale.
*Keep the back straight as you imagine reaching your chest forward toward thighs.
*Reach toward your toes as you gently stretch the inner thighs.
*Repeat on other leg.

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