Monthly Muscle Series: Tibialis Anterior

Posted on September 6th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

Welcome to week 1 of the muscle series. As I’m training for my 6th marathon, I thought it be cool to feature some of the major muscles used by long distance runners.

This week we’ll focus on the Tibialis Anterior. Since mine are still sore from speed work two days ago, I thought it be fitting. The tibialis anterior is a large superficial muscle on the front of the leg. The function varies according to foot position. It helps support the arch of the foot. Overuse, weakness, or imbalance of this muscle often manifests itself in a common condition called ‘shin splints.’

An effective stretch to this muscle: Standing Shin Stretch

*Stand up straight and steady yourself with one hand if needed.
*Bend one knee and grasp the top of your foot as you pull it behind you.
*Gently point your foot as you pull your heel toward your buttock.
*Maintain an upright position and a straight line between your hip and knee.
*Breathe deeply as you focus on stretching the front of the ankle and shin.

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    Great information. Thank you.


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