What It Takes

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

I, well Aaduri Healing Arts Studio, received a wonderful compliment from a new client. The client affirmed the effort we put into the healing space.

We assure that the moment you walk into the door you are greeted with a sense of instant peace. We live in a stressful world. Over stimulated emotionally, physically and psychologically by the constant fast pace we are expected to keep. There’s no hustle here, loud chatter or fast rapid movements. 

The minute you step foot into Aaduri Healing Arts, you are engulfed in the aroma.  Healing scents immediately take you away.  You look around and see the positive affirmations on the wall in the waiting room with the sound of chirping birds. Before you begin your treatment you are reminded to mute your phone.  There’s nothing like a ringing phone to break your relaxed state. When you enter the treatment room you notice the flicker of candles lit all around the room, the warm wall colors and the relaxing music. Next, the heat of the massage table instantly feels like nirvana.

You leave your session feeling rejuvenated, renewed and ready to book your next session.

Bottom line,  we do what it takes to create a warm, grounding and inviting experience.

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