Energy healing

Posted on July 12th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

What is energy work? It consists of hands-on and hands off modalities of interaction between energy fields and your body. Examples of hands on modalities are Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. Some hands off modalities would be yoga, qi gong and t’ai chi. More spiritual oriented practices are meditation, chakra excercises and chanting which helps you shift into deep relaxation, essentially an altered state of consciousness.

As a Massage Therapist, I see and feel the significance of energy in my personal and professional life. My journey to energy appreciation started with yoga over 15yrs ago. Next, I decided to delve into learning how to use myself as a conduit by becoming Reiki 1 certified. More recently I attended a Qi Gong conference. We all are energy beings. I invite you to consciously notice your own energy flow and exchange with those around you. You’ll be amazed by what you may find.

To learn more go to:

National Qi Gong Association

The International Center for Reiki Training

*This image was taken at the Qi Gong Science Foundation 4day seminar*

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