KT Tape it up

Posted on June 30th, 2013 by Shari´ Parks

KT Tape it up. That’s exactly what I did for two nagging injuries that may have side lined me during the San Francisco marathon, but it provided me the support I needed to get through the 26.2 hilly course.

You might be wondering exactly what is KT tape? If you watched the Summer Olympics last year you would have seen several of the athletes with it on. KT stands for kinesiology tape. It’s a cloth, often cotton, elastic sports tape. It’s a revolutionary way to support sports injuries while allowing you to still participate in the activity that you love.

I received 4 pre-cut strips at the running expo two days prior to my marathon. I was a novice to using the product, but heard rave reviews. I was thrilled to see a booth at the expo. There were several reps to apply the tape on the spot to any runner stopping by. The company rep demonstrated for me how I should apply the tape to my left hamstring; an area of the body best applied while exposing the entire muscle i.e. not in a public setting. That evening it went on. Remember this is two days before my marathon. I showered with it on..it’s water resistant. I continued to stretch the target area with it on..it conforms to the muscle and it’s breathable.

I’d have to say, without a doubt, that extra support to my hamstring got me through my race relatively injury free.

For more information on kt tape go to their website, www.kttape.com. The site provides video clips on application instructions and where to buy it.

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