Why give the gift of Massage?

Posted on December 9th, 2012 by Aaduri Healing Arts

By giving the gift of massage to yourself and to those you love, it demonstrates an investment in caring and health.  If you are an employer, a massage gift certificate becomes a special employee gift that says you care.  But don’t forget to give one to yourself as well, for you cannot lead as effectively if you are not at your optimal best.

In this season of giving don’t forget about YOU! The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated with your loved ones. But when you don’t take care of yourself, the holidays often can become stressful. One way to help eliminate holiday stress is through massage. Click here to schedule your massage today!

We are offering 3 great specials that should suit anyone on your list!  Click the link below to purchase your gift now.

$30 for 30 minute massage

$55 for 60 minute massage

$80 for 90 minute massage

Massage rejuvenates and heals our bodies and minds. It can help:

  • Relieve pain: Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, to alleviate the soreness, aches and pains associated with everything from arthritis to general joint and muscle pain.
  • Improve circulation: The rubbing and kneading actions of massage can increase blood flow throughout the body, and can reduce one’s heart rate, lower blood pressure and relax muscles.
  • Bolster the immune system: Some studies show that massage stimulates an increase in the number of cells in the body that help protect us against illness and disease.
  • Rehabilitate: Massage can reduce swelling, relieve muscle aches and stiffness, and improve range of motion.
  • Reduce stress: Not only does massage feel good but it also relaxes your body and mind, fostering reduced anxiety and a general sense of well-being — so you’ll be in great spirits this holiday season!

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