Bamboo massage

Posted on October 1st, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

During my Carnival cruise to The Bahamas, which by the way was majestic, I knew I had to experience some of the Spa treatments. I’ll be honest, I was reluctant to schedule.. primarily because I do have high expectations. I work in the industry and receive weekly bodywork from very skilled therapists. Naturally, one of the most popular treatments was a 50 minute swedish massage. That certainly wouldn’t do it for me, so I decided to try their bamboo deep tissue 75 minute session.

After seeing the thick sturdy bamboo I couldn’t help to notice it resembled my runners stick that I use on fatigued muscles after a long run. This eased my mind and told me this session would be remarkable, and it was! It actually exceeded my expectations. Plus Lynn from South Africa was a wonderful therapist. The bamboo that Lynn used varied in sizes. An added bonus was that the bamboo was kept warm during my entire treatment. Can you say heavenly?

The pressure Lynn applied from the bamboo penetrated much deeper in my muscles tissue than a regular hand massage. I left the treatment room feeling extremely loose, warm and relaxed! So, in closing I highly recommend trying this treatment. Very shortly, I plan to take a class in learning this modality.

Consider scheduling your very first bamboo massage treatment with Finger Touch Massage, LLC. You will not be disappointed.

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