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Unspoken Questions about Massage Therapy

Posted on October 26th, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

Have you ever had unspoken questions about massage therapy that you are to embarrassed to ask? I’ve taken the most popular ones and compiled an answer for you so your next session you will be completely relaxed with having these burning questions answered.

Q: Do I need to get completely naked? I’m concerned the therapist will judge my body flaws.
A: No, you don’t have to take off more clothes than you are comfortable with to receive massage. Some people take off underwear, some leave there’s on. Talk to me and I will adapt to your needs. Be aware that wearing more clothes such as stockings, pants, and shirts can interfere with the use of certain techniques, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy receiving massage in casual clothes. No worries about the therapist ‘looking’ at your body. My focus is on your muscles and how your body response to the pressure applied.

Q: I’m ticklish. What should I do if I have a giggle fit while receiving my massage?
A : Laughter is welcomed. Some people are sensitive to particular techniques, which make them feel uncomfortable and want to giggle. If that happens, I may use a broader stroke or deeper pressure so it doesn’t tickle.

Q: What if I get an erection during a massage?
A: Don’t panic. Sometimes as a result of your nervous system going into relaxation mode (or because of certain medications) erections happen. I know that this is a physiological reaction and will treat the situation accordingly. Usually I will re-direct your attention by altering pressure or moving to a different area of your body. Your unintended erection, and any embarrassment, will soon pass.

Q: Massage has to hurt to do any good, right?
A: Massage need not hurt to be effective. There are a variety of modalities; some such as friction and deep tissue that are slightly uncomfortable, but should not hurt. If you’re wincing under the pressure and tightening up, that will work against the goals of massage, which is to invite your body to relax, reduce pain, increase well-being, and have long, supple muscles. I’m not in the torture business. Within 5 minutes of your session with me, I ask how’s the pressure and quickly modify if the pressure is too much. Recognize that your needs and pain threshold might change with each visit.

Q: I’m never sure about gratuities for massage services. What should I tip?
A: Massage therapists working in spas don’t usually receive the full fee charged for their services. They work on a percentage split with the spa owner or receive a salary. If you are visiting a spa, tipping is common (15-20 percent) and therapists may depend on tips for their income, just as restaurant servers do. As a small business owner and sole proprietor I certainly welcome a 15-20% tip per each session.

Q: How do I talk to my massage therapist about money? I’d like to come more often, but it would be a financial hardship.
A: If you feel your financial situation won’t allow you to receive further treatment, make sure you’ve considered all your options. Check with your employer or insurance carrier to see if you might be covered for massage therapy treatments. No coverage? Consider shortening your sessions instead of eliminating massage treatments all together. I offer sessions as short as 30minutes. Also, consider purchasing a 3 or 6 package and save money that way.

Any more unspoken questions for your therapist? Ask. Your honesty will strengthen your therapeutic bond and let you deepen your relaxation time and feeling of healing.

And that’s what it’s all about. You.

New postcards out for delivery

Posted on October 21st, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

New postcards! I must say I’m excited to share this design with current and potential clients.

Taste the Rainbow of RAW veggies

Posted on October 19th, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

How many different vegetables did you consume today? Wouldn’t it be nice if our insides could all look this healthy and fresh? Well, it’s not totally impossible. Why not try eating more RAW vegetables with your favorite hummus or simply by themselves. High water and fiber content makes them low-calorie, filling foods that can aid in weight loss by satisfying hunger without significantly contributing to daily caloric intakes. RAW vegetables also have a low glycemic index, which means they cause gradual increases in blood sugar levels instead of spiking blood sugar levels. Cooking vegetables at high temperatures or for long periods of time can significantly reduce their content of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins.

-contributed by BGDW (Black Girls Do Workout)…/Black-Girls-Do-Workout/143506709007742

Pillow Talk

Posted on October 13th, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

I have many clients complain about the discomfort of their sleeping pillow. After statements like ”My neck is stuck because I slept wrong” or “I woke up with a headache” or “I have terrible insomnia”, the next question is “what is the best kind of pillow?”. That’s really a personal preference, but my umbrella response is always to do your research as well as try a few out while making your decision.

We spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, that’s if you get the recommended 8hrs per night. If half of that time is battling with a comfortable head position on your pillow, well then you are not getting restorative rest. Which we all know can spill over into how we feel the rest of the day including our productivity and that stiff neck syndrome.

You may be asking yourself is it time for a new pillow? Ideally, you should replace your pillow every six years or so. When shopping for a new pillow it is suggested to find one that is specific for neck support. You want to purchase one that will cradle your head and support your neck without distorting the normal posture and alignment of your neck. Whether you sleep on your side or back, your pillow must be soft enough to mold to your head and still fill in the space between your bed and your neck. Your head is bigger than your neck so supporting both without distorting the position of your neck is key.

There are soo many options out there from memory foam to body pillow. I purchased my pillow the same day I invested in a new mattress from the Sleep Number Bed Store. This pillow has a curvature that cradles my head and a cooling element that I just can’t live without now!

So if you wake up in the mornings with a headache, arm or shoulder pain, neck pain, stiff neck or just can’t seem to get comfortable when you sleep, your neck is telling you that you need more support. To find a solution to this problem, I invite you to begin listening to your body and replace that old worn out pillow. Your neck will thank you!

Recharge your battery

Posted on October 5th, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

We live in a busy society; demands for our time occurs nearly every minute of our waking day. I came across this information I found helpful in this ever so demanding society. My question to you is:

How do you recharge your mind and body?

I have to share that I’m grateful for my recharge experience. Four short days ago I returned from a week long vacation. I’m still glowing inside and out from that much needed recharging of my batteries. We cruised The Bahamas and knowing the international wi-fi bill would begin at a whopping $2.00 a minute and let’s not even mention roaming cost, it was very easy to unplug from our electrical gadgets. Once we reached the Bay Bridge, approximately 3hours later, it was easy to power off and lock both smart phones and tablet in the safe. Not to be thought of again. It was actually refreshing not to be connected for an entire week.

First, let’s make sure you have some sort of regimen to recharge. As you can see from this list, simple things can help restore that depletion you are experiencing. My favorite one on the list is … LAUGH…more. And boy did I do tons of that on my vacation!! What’s your favorite?

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Welcome to our new therapists

Posted on October 5th, 2012 by Kim

I would like to welcome three wonderful Massage Therapists to Aaduri Healing Arts!

Linda Garner, Kelly Bowles and Vanessa Purnell have joined our team and are excited to become a part of our wellness family. You can check out their bios here  In order to give you all the opportunity to experience how talented these ladies are, they are offering this great special through the month of October. Book with Linda, Kelly or Vanessa and pay only $35 for your hour custom massage!

Click here to schedule your massage $35 Massage Deal

Bamboo massage

Posted on October 1st, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

During my Carnival cruise to The Bahamas, which by the way was majestic, I knew I had to experience some of the Spa treatments. I’ll be honest, I was reluctant to schedule.. primarily because I do have high expectations. I work in the industry and receive weekly bodywork from very skilled therapists. Naturally, one of the most popular treatments was a 50 minute swedish massage. That certainly wouldn’t do it for me, so I decided to try their bamboo deep tissue 75 minute session.

After seeing the thick sturdy bamboo I couldn’t help to notice it resembled my runners stick that I use on fatigued muscles after a long run. This eased my mind and told me this session would be remarkable, and it was! It actually exceeded my expectations. Plus Lynn from South Africa was a wonderful therapist. The bamboo that Lynn used varied in sizes. An added bonus was that the bamboo was kept warm during my entire treatment. Can you say heavenly?

The pressure Lynn applied from the bamboo penetrated much deeper in my muscles tissue than a regular hand massage. I left the treatment room feeling extremely loose, warm and relaxed! So, in closing I highly recommend trying this treatment. Very shortly, I plan to take a class in learning this modality.

Consider scheduling your very first bamboo massage treatment with Finger Touch Massage, LLC. You will not be disappointed.


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