Bodywork for Weekend Warriors

Posted on August 2nd, 2012 by Shari´ Parks

As many of us are glued to the television, smartphones and tablets watching the Summer Olympics, in this month’s newsletter we learn how massage therapy can assist weekend warriors prepare for the next big race. As a weekend warrior myself I find that regular bodywork gets me prepared for whatever my next race may be.

Before I changed professions into the wellness industry I knew how crucial getting a massage prior to and after my races were for me. I would receive monthly ‘maintenance’ sessions to assure my body was ready just in case I decided to hop on a last minute registration for a run race. These sessions would enhance recovery from strenuous exertion and maintain my optimal health. When I began training heavily for marathons or triathlons, I bumped up my frequency of sessions to bi-monthly sometimes three times a month. These sessions would assist my physical and mental recovery, decrease injury potential and support soft tissue healing.

Weekend Warriors

Some dynamic ways of seeing how massage therapy goes hand in hand with the weekend warrior are:

* Improved blood circulation= better cellular nutrition = faster recovery
* More elastic connective tissues = greater range of motion = more power
* Less anxiety = greater mental focus = better concentration

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