Flip flops, friend or foe?

Posted on May 29th, 2012 by Shari´ Parks
Happy Memorial Day!

I spent the long weekend visiting one of my younger sisters in NY. You can imagine we did alot of walking in the heart of Manhattan, and with the warm weather this brought the summer footwear. I couldn’t help but notice the alarming number of tourist wearing, yeap you guess it. Flip flops. We all love them. Our toes get some much needed sun and freedom from the restrictive space they have endured all winter and spring, and many believe them to be comfortable.

I’m all for wearing them. I’m the first to enjoy allowing my toes to ‘breathe’, but flip flops are the worse shoes to walk in for long periods of time. Beach and poolside are the only reasons flip flops should be worn, but for many they have made it to being the shoe of choice the entire Summer.

Bottom line they do not allow any arch support. You can bend them in half, you have to squeeze your big toe and second toe together to just keep them on and lastly offer no protection from other earthly things you may come across on your path like glass, bacteria infested puddles and thawing dog poop.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I see the damage flip flops can cause to the joints because  it alters the gait of the wearer. Also anyone with diabetes or circulation issues should avoid wearing them all together because symptoms can cause a lack of sensation to the feet. Podiatrists say  people with knee, hip, or back problems also should avoid wearing flop flops because they aggravate injuries.

So, bottom line folks….don’t wear flip flops unless you are wearing them for shorts amount of time.

Happy Summer!

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